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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Tierra de Lobos Update

Hello all
I just got done reading about a possible spoiler/scenario for season 3 and perhaps even for season 4. I read the following on the AE TDL thread, posted by Cougar [from an L Chat User]. If you don't know what L Chat or AE are click below for links to the sites. AE is After Ellen and L Chat is also known as the Zeta Boards, where there is also a TDL thread. [The italics is from the L Chat thread.]

AE- TDL Thread
Zeta TDL Thread
Zeta Board Thread [All topics]
Here is what I got out of it:
IF the guy leaked true info then:
  • The Crisabel story line is HUGE and the writers know it. They are catering to our demand for this relationship to continue in season 3. 
  • Crisabel will continue in season 4!  
  • NOW I really can't wait until Sept!

"Hi girls, im from spain, and some guy that worked in cadena 3 told me the show will start in september, but they wanted to be in June but bcoz of summer they didn't bcoz of ratings.

he also told me crisabel will have problems bcoz isabel will have to marry that guy we saw on the trailer ( she is speaking with him in the trailer) and cristina will feel bad and sad but they will continue seeing each other but the guy will try to force isabel at some point and may rape her and things like that ... he didnt say much after that. i dont know if its true ... so i cant say it will happen (lots of people talk shit) but he said for season 3 there will be more love scenes with them, kisses and crisabel will have more screen time! he also said lobo will try to kill cristina himself but that crisabel love is way to big and they will fight oh and crisabel will be in season 4. 

again, im just saying what the guy says ... we have to wait for the show to be on tv again"
Well, frankly, Cadenatres is a pretty popular station in South America. But I don't see the connection (Tierra de Lobos is a Telecinco production, not Cadena 3)... unless they plan on showing TDL reruns. Either way, if in fact, there's some validity to that spoiler, I like what I hear :D That's the way I was hoping Isabel would respond to her supposed marriage (still seeing Cristina). Especially, having to be FORCED to have sex with a man (assuming she does). Sounds like a "good lesbian" to me, lol.
Edit: The poster just said that she/he meant "Antenna 3" not "Cadena 3".Antenna 3 doesn't have anything to do with Telecinco... but they ARE in SPAIN. Sooo, guess we'll just have to wait (til September?) and see. Actually, that whole scenario (spoiler) sounds pretty believable... and makes a lot of scense... even the part about Lobo attempting to kill Cristina himself.
Now if I can just get my prediction to come true (Isabel kills her husband), all will be well in Crisabel Heaven ;) I mean, hey... the Lobo women are natural "man killers", lol :P

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